Rules and Deplatforming FAQ

We are dedicated to being an open and transparent platform for Political Candidates to raise money for their races, and other ballot measure political initiatives.

We are open to all types of political candidates who are currently running for office, but we do have some generalized codes of ethics and in short it can be summarized as this.

Don’t be Paul Nehlan

If your campaign is centered around you making “Gas the Bikes, Race far Now” jokes, and posting Groyper memes, the truth is, your optics are bad, and probably doing general political discourse a disservice.

Other than that, if you are a Liberalist, Libertarian, Socialist (sorry no Communists or Nazis), Identitarian, Tree hugger or Industrialist, Trump Republican, Neo-Con, Paleo-Con, BernieCrat, Democrat, Corprate-Dem, Open Boarders Crusaders, or want to Build The Wall, all are welcome.

The ONE thing StumpRaise will not be used for is to fund your edgy attention drama.

On Political Commentators, Activists, Talking HeadsĀ 

Sorry, StumpRaise isn’t the site for you. If you have a specific goal that involves a ballot measure or electing yourself to office, please join us! But, if you’re just looking for an alternative to Patreon to keep your podcast funded, those campaigns will not be approved.


On take downs.

The platform is built so that your funding goes DIRECTLY to you. We cannot hold your funds. We cannot take them away from you. They are YOURS. We ask for a donation back to us to help with hosting and promotion, but that is not required.


“I think there’s an abuse Sikh Nationalist Spreading Hate on StumpRaise, who should I contact?”

Please head on over to our Contact page, and we’ll take a look at it. More than likely, if they are within the bounds of the first amendment and running for office, we are not going to take their account down.