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J.R. Guillory is a disabled Veteran and entrepreneur. He grew up in the Acadiana region of South Louisiana and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps at age 17, upon graduating high school. J.R. served 4 years active duty and 3 years in the Marine Corps Reserves, working on information systems and cyber security.

He met his wife Michelle, a life long Stocktonian, after she graduated from UC-Irvine. They have two sons, a 4 year old and an infant, who they plan to raise in Stockton.

The couple moved to Stockton, from San Diego, because they wanted to raise their children with a sense of community. As J.R. worked towards building his company, he soon realized the biggest obstacle was out of touch elected representatives. This led him to attending his first City Council meeting in 2015.

Since that first meeting, J.R. has been active in topics from economic development to ordinances reducing development fees. J.R.’s vision enforces the idea that Stockton has great potential, but our elected officials are not creating a healthy future.

J.R. Guillory is the premiere candidate who has been advocating within the Council Chambers with one goal in mind- GENUINE CHANGE for our beautiful city!

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